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Kuljic DDS & Team – Beverly, Massachusetts dentist

Meet Kuljic DDS & Team, a comprehensive preventative, restorative and esthetic dental practice with the singular mission of focusing on your total dental health.

Our approach is simple – we take the time upfront to understand your needs and desires in order to customize a treatment plan that is unique to you.  From the basic dental care needs such as cleanings to the more complex combination procedures such as crowns and implants, our team delivers results.

We pride ourselves in combining the latest in dental knowledge, skill, technology and procedures to ensure total quality care.  That means that our breadth and depth of services allow us to deliver care onsite leaving you with piece of mind that we stand behind our work.

Case of the month

  • comdecember2

    Background /situation: The patient was concerned about ongoing chipping and cracking of his upper teeth. Over the years, he had broken and subsequently lost several teeth. The cause was primarily due to decay and a poor bite. He was looking for a solution that would save his remaining and replaced missing teeth. Youthful in spirit, the patient also requested that his future restorations, including crowns and veneers, look as natural as possible.

    Solution: Through diagnostic methods, we came up with a solution on how to rebuild his bite.

    We conservatively strengthened one tooth with a crown, along with two bridges and a few porcelain veneers in the upper jaw. Using metal free zirconium restorations, we gave him a natural looking smile that completely met his expectations.

  • caseofthemonth01-2015

    Background /situation: An elderly female patient visited our office with her son looking for a solution to replace a recently lost lower front tooth and that would take into account her age and lack of dexterity. Due to the patient’s hand dexterity problems, we advised against a removable partial denture. Knowing that her problems will more likely get bigger over the time, we recognized that she would not be able to comfortably place partial denture in and out of her mouth in the near future.

    Solution: We recommended a very conservative Maryland bridge to replace the missing tooth.

    The Maryland bridge is different from a traditional bridge in that is does not require cutting adjacent teeth, but still is firmly cemented into place to restore basic functionality. The patient was extremely pleased with the look as well as her ability to chew all the foods she loves.

  • Background /situation:  The patient did not like the space between her two front teeth. She was in the midst of a career change and she wanted to improve her smile. The patient had two limitations :
    1. She wasn’t willing to go through orthodontic treatment and
    2. She had a limited budget.

    Solution: The space between the teeth could be solved in a couple of different ways. With orthodontic treatment or by fabrication of porcelain veneers -both of which she declined and ,lastly, with composite veneers which were her treatment of choice.

  • Background /situation:  The patient had completed orthodontic treatment but she was still unhappy with her gummy smile.

    Solution: Clinical exam revealed that she had an excess of gum tissue covering the crown portion
    of her teeth. We reccommended removal of the extra gum tissue with a procedure called cosmetic crown lengthening. The procedure was painless and the patient was very pleased with the final result.

  • Problem:  The patient wore his dentures for over 30 years. As they got worn down over the years, the lower denture broke in the middle. Other than the broken lower denture, the patient also complained about his inability to chew healthy food such as salads, nuts , meat etc. After careful examination, we concluded that the patient’s denture teeth were worn down so much that there were no grooves necessary for chewing. His upper denture was unstable and very loose.

    Our recommendation was to fabricate a new denture that would be stable and with properly shaped teeth would enable our patient to eat properly.The patient was very happy with the final outcome of his new set of dentures.

  • Background/situation: The patient had his upper and lower partial dentures for over 30 years. They were uncomfortable, unsightly and did not allow for comfortable chewing. He could not chew nuts nor meat, salads or crunchy bread. Because of very limited finances, he requested dental work to be in line with his budget.

    In order to make the patient able to comfortably chew, again, we needed to address his bite first. Since his budget was very limited, we decided to replace upper partial denture with the one bridge and improve other upper teeth with bonding. The lower arch received a new, more comfortable, partial denture along with some bonding on his front teeth for esthetic purposes. The patient was thrilled with his new smile and ability to chew comfortably

  • Background/situation: The patient came to us requesting the best possible, most predictable way to replace her missing tooth.
    From the start the patient highlighted her opposition to a bridge that would involve the unnecessary restoration on her healthy adjacent tooth. She wanted something that would look like a tooth and that she would able to floss around..

    In our practice, we highly value our patients requests and preferences and partner with them as we plan their treatment together. We suggested one implant crown that would meet her expectations and would save her additional work.
    Our patient was delighted with the outcome that has exceeded her expectations.

  • Background/situation: Our patient suffered from constant tooth sensitivity due to the recession of her gums . She could not easily brush her teeth, drink cold beverages or enjoy ice cream without a great amount of pain.

    We at Kuljic DDS &Team pride ourselves in prioritizing the most conservative and the least painful approach to solve our patients’ dental issues. As practices in managing gum recessions have evolved we were excited to offer the use of AlloDerm grafting that allowed us to manage multiple teeth, all at the same time, without the need to take tissue from the roof of her mouth. She was very pleased that we did not need to make an additional surgical site, that we could do it all in one visit and that she had no pain..


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